Treat Your Current Health Issues

Your first priority is to treat your existing diseases and health issues. When you complete our Questionnaire, our Personal Health Analysis and Treatments Program will evaluate your collective answers and provide a pre-diagnostic report for the common diseases and health issues, including Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Heart Disease and Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Cancer, Weight, Diabetes Type 2, Arthritis, Skin Care Issues, Aging Issues and will give an assessment of your Overall Health Summary.

The resulting Personal Health Analysis and Treatments Report will tell you the medicines, vitamins, supplements, lifestyle changes and medical treatments that you need to optimize your current and future health.

It will identify any blood tests that you need to better insure the accuracy of your findings. A prescription for the needed tests will then be provided by your health care specialists or, if you choose, by one of our doctors. You can then update your Personal Health Analysis and Treatments Report with the results of your blood test. The Company will update the report for you if your blood tests are ordered through us.

Then discuss the recommendations with your doctor or health care specialists and begin the health treatment program that he/she suggests.

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