Participating Health Care Specialists

Dr. John E. Russell
Family and Sports Medicine
Chief Medical Advisor for Personal Health Analysis, Inc.

35 years as General Physician, Primary Care Physician, Family Physician, Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Specialists.
Research and Development of Sports Medicine Protocols, Physical Training Techniques, Anti-Agina and Performance Enhancement Programs.
Set new world record in high jump.  Won 7 gold medals in the North American Championships in Mexico.  Has 14 All-American Awards.
In the Florida Track and Field Hall of Fame.
Writes articles for newspapers and magazines as “Jock Doc”.
Has written over a dozen publications on improving sports performance, including the use of sports psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, and medical and sports science disciplines.
Has been the primary speaker in dozens of worldwide speaking events.
Chief Medical Advisor for Personal Health Analysis, Inc., and many other organizations and for various motion pictures and television shows.
As Chairman of the Physicians Medical Committee for the Athletics Congress of the United States, he worked with Russian athletics during “glasnost” to help bring peace via athletics.  As an advisor his activities extended to China, Japan, Australia, Italy, Romania, India, Malaysia and Africa.
Served on numerous boards, civic organizations, and many programs to help children enter sports.  Served as National Medical Chairman for the Olympic Development Committee, National Chairman for Olympic Development for the Track and Field Committee, Medical Chairman for the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Chairman for the Physicians and Trainers Sub-Committee of Sports Medicine and Sport Science, and Physician for the U.S. Goodwilll Games Team to Moscow.