Aging is a Treatable Disease

Aging is a Treatable Disease describes how you can use today’s new knowledge and technologies to increase your healthy life longevity while even more advanced technologies are being developed to rid humanity of the diseases of aging, including the disease of aging itself.

This eBook helps you to understand the basic causes of the diseases of aging; the basic cause of aging itself; our built-in “death clock” and the new technologies that have already added over ten years of healthy life to some participants.

Anti aging technologies now in development promise to extend healthy life longevity by decades.  The eBook describes what you can do to take advantage of the new anti aging technologies already in place and to prepare for the more advanced technologies that are expected to significantly increase your healthy life longevity.

The eBook cannot yet recomment the use of the very effective Human Growth Hormone (HGH) even though it has proven effective for a great number of users. Some unfortunately have also experienced adverse side effects. Its pros and cons are described.

Fortunately there are some effective vitamin programs that are safe. Programs using various vitamins and other protocals are described.