About Us

Personal Health Analysis, Inc. was formed to provide pre-diagnostic analyses and information to help both practitioners and patients make better healthcare decisions and enable patients to take greater responsibility for their own health.

The Company’s analysis and recommendations are generated from the several databases assembled by the Company’s staff from past and ongoing studies, analyses and tests.

Our report is designed to highlight current and potential health problems, and may suggest treatments, lifestyle changes, supplements and drugs that have been used successfully by others with similarly implied conditions.

The pre-diagnostic analysis tests for the common diseases and health issues, including Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Heart Disease and Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Cancer, Weight, Diabetes Type 2, Arthritis, Skin Care Issues, Aging Issues and assesses your Overall Health Summary.

The resulting Personal Health Analysis and Treatments Report will tell you the medicines, vitamins, supplements, lifestyle changes and medical treatments that you need to optimize your current and future health.

We are an independent Company and do not rely on any support from any organizations or product sponsors.  We are structured to have no biases regarding your health care. Your FREE Personal Analysis and Treatments Report will identify any needed prescription medications for you to discuss with your doctor or personal care physician. The Report will also identified any needed non-prescripltions which we can provide or you can purchase similar products elsewhere. The Report will also identify any treatments and lifestyle changes that you may need to make.

The information that we provide to you is based on your inputs to our Internet based Questionnaire and therefore cannot be regarded as a substitute for medical advice. Precise medical advice can only be given by qualified personnel that exam the patient in person.

In the Questionnaire you may or may not provide the name of your doctor or health care specialist.  If you provide a name the resulting Personal Health Analysis and Treatments Report will be made available both to you and the name provided for his/her review and advice to you.

The Report will be provided to no one except you and our staff if you do not provide a name for your health care specialists.  If you do not provide a name the Company cautions you that you should have a doctor or health care specialist review the Report and advise you regarding any actions you may take.  Personal Health Analysis, Inc. cannot accept responsibility for your use of this information because we have not had the opportunity to personally exam you.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a potentially urgent medical problem please seek medical attention immediately instead of using the results of our analysis.

Thank you for using our pre-diagnostic services.